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Chaplain Services
The mission of the Chaplain program is to provide spiritual and emotional support for the personnel and their families of the Silver Creek Fire Department; and to provide spiritual guidance during times of needFirefighter David Schlieter Pastor David Schlieterfor the residents of the Silver Creek area.  Pastor David Schlieter, pastor of the New Horizon United Church of Christ in Boltonville, accepted the role of Chaplain in 2009.  Since becoming Chaplain, David has attended several critical stress management classes, completed firefighter schooling, and has learned the skills necessary to effectively relate to firefighters, their families, and to the victims of fires and accidents.

David's services are not limited to those in the Silver Creek area.  David has offered his services to any area department in need of Chaplain services in an emergency.  On scene duties include:

●  Provide appropriate victim assistance
●  Comfort and counsel to the grieving
●  Assist in helping to contact family members
●  Attempt to notify the victim's clergy
●  Assist in death notifications

Requesting Chaplain Services
   Email: newhorizonucc@bertramwireless.com

   Fire Department Phone: (920) 994-9421
   New Horizon UCC Phone: (262) 692-6444
   Sheboygan County Sheriff's Dept: (920) 459-3112 (during emergency only)

fire chaplain prayer

Dear Lord, I turn to you each day for guidance,
For I know You can supply my every need.
And I want each soul to whom I render service,
To know You are behind my every deed.

As a Chaplain dedicated to the Fire Service,
These are very special people I must Serve,
They have chosen lives of public dedication,
That requires a body strong and filled with nerve.

Each and every time the fire alarm is sounded,
Please, look down and of my movements take control,
Guide my footsteps as I go to join my comrades,
As their ladders they set up and hose they unroll.

Open wide my eyes that I might see each problem,
Let my ears be tuned in case someone should call.
Let my lips deliver words to lend compassion,
Let my hands assist if some firefighter falls.

If it falls my lot to take a saddened message,
To the family of some badly injured person,
Give my tongue the words to speak for consolation.
Let my words give hope and comfort when they can.

Let me gain the confidence of each firefighter.
Let them speak of any problem they desire.
Let them understand each talk is fully private,
May each answer that I give them hope inspire.

Guide my conduct as I labor for You daily,
May each image that I cast reflect of You.
Let my light so shine that each and every person
Will know its Your hand that guides each deed I do.


(from the Federation of Fire Chaplains)

Chaplain David Schlieter